Spinal Cord Injuries
Professional business people with disability in wheelchair working together in office

Spinal Cord Injuries

We provide case management services for individuals who have sustained a spinal cord injury. Our goal is to ensure your safety, quality of care, and cost management. We re-evaluate your…

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Cognitive Assessment

COGNITIVE ASSESSMENTS Cognitive disorders are also referred to as neurocognitive disorders. These include delirium, dementia (now referred to as mild and major neurocognitive disorder) and traumatic brain injuries. Mental functions…

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Dementia & Stigma

There was an article in the Sunday Aug 9th Toronto Star titled “Stigma takes deadly toll on people living with dementia” written by Alisa Grigorovich and Pia Kontos which I might…

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Miss Dementia

Calling dementia a miss has nothing to do with gender. Instead, I’d rather you look at it as a piece of advice, because I recommend you miss it by all…

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