Spinal Cord Injuries
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Spinal Cord Injuries

We provide case management services for individuals who have sustained a spinal cord injury. Our goal is to ensure your safety, quality of care, and cost management. We re-evaluate your…

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Cognitive Assessment

COGNITIVE ASSESSMENTS Cognitive disorders are also referred to as neurocognitive disorders. These include delirium, dementia (now referred to as mild and major neurocognitive disorder) and traumatic brain injuries. Mental functions…

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Senior’s Care
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Senior’s Care

Unique Needs: Many seniors tell us that they want to remain in their own homes as long as they can. And they want to be as safe and functional as…

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Virtual Care

Opportunity: COVID has also created an opportunity for us to find new ways to connect with our clients. We can have face-to-face sessions without travel. We can share computer screens…

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Post – Hospital

These days, hospital stays tend to be shorter and there are fewer government supports to help you when you get home. We can supplement your care with privately funded services.…

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Physical Impairments

Physical Impairments

There are a variety of causes of physical impairments including arthritis, congenital such as cerebral palsy, and spinal cord injuries. Our therapists will review your records and assess you to…

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Brain Training

We take a personalized approach to brain training or neurocognitive rehabilitation. Using the information from our assessment, we develop a therapy program that is fun, interesting and that helps our…

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Medical Malpractice
Medical team preparing equipment for surgery in operation room

Medical Malpractice

If you feel you’ve been wronged by a health provider that did not do their job, contact us. We can give you the names of a few lawyers that specialize…

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