Cognitive Impairment/Brain Injury

Cognitive Treatment:

  • Remediation means retraining the brain with a focus on the parts that are underperforming.
    • Our therapists find creative ways to retrain the brain:
      • Pencil and paper exercises
      • CogMed computerized brain training
      • Puzzles and games
      • Functional tasks that require planning and execution, such as meal preparation
      • Community activities such as shopping or navigating a route to determine how cognitive challenges impact daily function
  • Accommodation means developing strategies to work around ongoing problems that persist:
    • Reminders: post-it notes on the fridge, cell phone reminders, using Smart Home Technology
    • Creating routines to facilitate improved memory
    • Step-by-step instructions that can be practiced
    • Using smart Watches and other smart devices to enhance safety, independence, and function

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