Oh, Dementia, what cruel tricks you play;

You’ve screwed up yet another day!

To your many faults that leave one bereft,

I’ll add another, mean and nasty theft!

You steal one’s mind, one’s memories yet,

Making your victims so confused and let

Things go astray, one knows not where;

Stolen for sure ‘tho there’s no-one there.


Would, at least, you ran a “Lost and Found”

Where missing things might go to ground.

Oh yes, I know, “It may well turn up, lad!”

No thanks to you, though, I venture to add.

Too often it doesn’t, and that’s very unkind

Of you, dear Dementia; it boggles the mind.


Just two weeks ago you aided and abet

The theft of a hearing aid, not found as yet.

Four hundred dollars to replace “gone down the drain”

Oh, for sure it’s you; you’d been at it again!

And only yesterday, in the late afternoon

I bought Rosemary a watch, just a tiny boon,

But by morning it was “gone”, that’s less than a day!

And guess who’s to blame that it too went astray?


I want you to know, Dementia, I’m on to you,

I know what it is you are wont to do.

I know you’re working on muddling my mind

I know that because you’re kinda mean and unkind!

Somewhere around here lie an aid and a watch;

Two useful things you had to go and snatch!

So get lost, Dementia, stay away from me!

I’ll find them yet, just you wait and see!

Though you ply your tricks of every kind

You will never steal my determined mind!


Gerry Wood Nov 6, 2019


Postscript, Dec 04, 2019:

I’m still determined the lost shall be found

But must admit this past month I’ve lost another round.

For, less than a week had passed when Dementia struck again;

Another hearing aid lost, just to drive me insane!

That’s a thousand dollars gone now, gone more or less,

Since Dementia got us into this awful mess.

Two aids now missing, nowhere to be found,

‘Tho I did find the cheap watch after searching around

So, I’m getting there slowly, very slowly but sure,

I just have to keep Dementia from stealing still more!

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