Home Safety and Accessibility


Most of our clients have told us that they want to remain in their own homes as long as possible, but impairments related to illness or injury can make that challenging. Physical, cognitive and emotional impairments can result in safety concerns or accessibility challenges.

Occupational therapists are uniquely skilled at assessing function in the home and identifying ways of reducing barriers. Our team works with contractors who plan and implement the necessary home modifications.

Some of the projects that we have worked on include:

    • Temporary solutions to enable discharge from hospital, such as:
      • Portable threshold ramps to enable access in and out of the home
      • Bathroom equipment to enhance safety (e.g., raised toilet seat, shower stool or tub transfer bench, tub rail)
      • Bedroom equipment such as Saska poles, bed rails
      • Rental hospital bed, commode
      • Arranging alert system (e.g., Lifeline, MedicAlert, etc.)
      • Technology-based systems e.g., pikPlumTek™
    • Longer term solutions have included:
      • Installation of grab bars
      • Installation of stove shut-off mechanism
      • Kitchen organizing systems
      • Lighting
    • Permanent solutions have included:
      • Conversion of standard bathroom to one with a roll-in shower (no threshold)
      • Installation of ramps, elevators, porch lifts

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