Post – Hospital

These days, hospital stays tend to be shorter and there are fewer government supports to help you when you get home. We can supplement your care with privately funded services. You can decide how much or how little care you need and want.

In-Home Services:

  • Case manager:
    • Can help you figure out what services you need.
    • Help you put the services in place.
    • Join you at medical appointments to ensure that you get the follow through needed.
  • Occupational therapy:
    • Home safety assessment to ensure you are secure in your home environment.
    • Can arrange for the purchase or rental of assistive devices or therapy equipment and facilitate getting it delivered and installed.
    • Can arrange home modifications.
    • Can help you implement a plan to resume your usual daily activities gradually and safely.
  • Physiotherapy:
    • Can go to your home to help you build your range of motion and strength.
    • Can help you practice navigating stairs inside and outside your home.
    • Can apply treatments to reduce pain.
  • Personal Support Worker:
    • Assist you with showering and dressing.
    • Make your bed.
    • Prepare your meals.
    • Organize and tidy your home to reduce clutter and risk of falls.
    • Help you get groceries.

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