Why Choose Rehab Results?

You need a specialist in complex care

Our health professionals at Rehab Results are experienced in life care planning, and in catastrophic and complex care. Our multi-disciplinary team treats and manages complex injuries using objective measures and appropriate interventions, and works together toward rehabilitation.

We listen to you and work with you as partners

Whether we are seeing a person for an initial assessment or a follow-up treatment, our clients count on Rehab Results to be there. Our approach develops a relationship based on trust and knowledge. Regardless of the nature or severity of the circumstances, we walk through the entire rehabilitation process with every client and take the time to understand concerns and expectations.

You need us now

We contact all clients within 24 hours of receiving a referral and quickly arrange a convenient time for an assessment. Once an assessment is completed, a report is generated, usually within 10 business days. We adhere to all timelines as set by industry regulations. If treatment is needed, we work with our clients to create an agreed upon treatment schedule that fits their lifestyle. We give priority to urgent cases and perform assessments, initiate and complete treatment schedules promptly.

Competitive rates means higher value for services

We reduce costs by doing only what is necessary to meet a client’s particular needs. We make all attempts to reduce travel and other administrative costs and we work together with other members of the healthcare team to avoid duplication of services. To enhance the quality and value of our services, we direct the specialized skills of our team to fit a client’s individual needs.

You have our quality promise

Rehab Results continually monitors our promise of quality through rigorous controls. Through ongoing supervision and training, we maintain service levels that exceed the industry standard. Our clinicians are registered with their professional bodies and have professional liability insurance. The quality of our reports is among the highest in the industry because we adhere to the standards and best practices as recognized by our consultants’ regulatory colleges. Prior to being sent out, all reports are reviewed for consistency, clarity and accuracy.

If we are aware of dissatisfaction on a file, one of our managers follows-up to find out how we can serve you better.